Virtual machines – try out new OS

You may be loyal to one particular to operating system (OS) but sometimes you would feel like trying out some new operating system. We all know that installing any operating system can be a hassle and would take lots of time installing and updating the drivers and softwares. So, if you just want to try out a new operating system without going through all the hassles, using virtual machine is something you might want to check out. Say, you run windows operating system and would like to test run linux. Or, you are an windows XP user and would like to try out windows 7 before purchasing the software.

There are number of virtual machine software, such as virtualbox, vmware, microsoft virtual pc etc.. One I have been using is Virtualbox which is fairly easy to set up and run. Once you install the virtualbox you can install another operating system inside the virtualbox which will run as a second operating system in addition to your existing operating system. To install a new operating system within the virtualbox, just click on the “new” button to start the new virtual machine wizard. Before staring the wizard, you have to NOTE that you need to have a copy of the new software that you want to run. If you are trying out before you go to buy it there are beta versions availabe. For linux OS they are freely available.

Anyways, have a copy of the new operating system you want to try and start the new virtual machine wizard on the virtualbox. As you start the wizard it will prompt you to enter new operating system you want to use, specify the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the new OS, new hard you would like to create for the new OS, and also the type of virtual hard disk (i.e. dynamically expanding storage and fixed-size storage) you want to create. After completing this process, if done correctly, you would see an icon for the OS, click on it and select “start” button to start the installation process for the new OS. Through the next steps you need to specify the location where you have a copy of the operating system, it can be a cd or iso image files. All the best running virtual machine on your pc.

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